Memorial Day Treat Ideas

There’s nothing like getting ready for summer fun with a good ol fashioned Memorial Day weekend. The kids get to play in the sprinklers and pool before or after some backyard games. While the parents get to sit back and watch with a glass of wine or a beer. The smell of barbeque swirling in the air as it creeps past your nose, making heads turn over to the grill master. And after filling your bellies with some mouth-watering summertime barbecue, you will want to indulge in some sweet, festive, Memorial Day desserts!

These treats are a great way to celebrate Memorial day and have some great summer fun. When you’re done, it’s back to the sprinkler or inflatable pools for everyone. I chose Memorial Day treats that you can make alone or with your kids. My friend Jen and her son Nicky, 6, are staying here for a few months. He’s autistic and I wanted to find some things to do with him that he would like. We have practiced a few, and so far these have been a hit!

If you try any of these scrumptious treats, leave a comment and let me know how they turned out. Don’t forget to share this blog to any of your social media sites if you liked this roundup post.

Patriotic Celebration Pretzels

Just the perfect combination of salty and sweet, these are the perfect treat for a gathering. 

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Ice Cream Cones

I am a sucker for ice cream, and so is my best friend’s son who lives with me. These sweet treats are perfect to add ice cream to, and are easy to make! It’s a fun activity to do with the youngins this Memorial Day. 

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Patriotic Popcorn

If you’re anything like me, you like salty and sweet combined. Popcorn is one of my favorite movie snacks. I tried this recipe for a pre-Memorial Day treat to make sure my guests would like it and it came out amazing! 

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Red White & Blue Mini Cakes 

These delicious mini cakes are a great treat for Memorial Day when it’s nice and breezy out and you can put the oven on. This is another treat that’s not only easy, but fun to make with your kiddos, especially during quarantine. 

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American Flag Cookie Cake

If you’re a chocolate chip cookie fan like myself, you will love indulging in this yummy American Flag Cookie Cake for Memorial Day! This was a great hit last year for Memorial Day so I figured it deserved a spot on my list. 

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Let me know what treats you enjoyed making for Memorial Day. Leave them below and let’s see if any treat was favored among them all.

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