Air Plant Terrarium DIY: How to Make Beautiful Terrariums

Lately, I have been doing things that help me with my anxiety and depression. One thing I have recently been incorporating into my home is indoor plants that purify the air to remove bad toxins that can make anxiety and depression worse. Another thing I have been incorporating is DIY crafts that give me a sense of happiness and accomplishment when I finish them. Alas, I started Air Plant Terrarium DIY projects. It feels wonderful for my depression to start a project and finish it while also loving the end results. Not only is it therapeutic to finish the project, but the process itself helps keep my anxiety at bay because I am focusing on the project at hand.  This project is simple, easy, fun, and literally anyone can do it. It can also be a wonderful project to do with kids during their time being quarantined during this COVID-19 crisis. This project is super easy and won’t take too long to do! All you need are a few items. 


  • Air Plants
  • Terrarium Planter or Glass Jars


  • Reindeer Moss 
  • River Rocks


1. Clean your jar or plastic terrarium then lay your decorative rocks or pebbles at the bottom

2. Add a layer of moss on top of the rocks if you’re using moss. You can also place some at the back of the jar or plastic terrarium. You can use colored moss, brown moss, or green moss. 

3. Finish your jar or plastic terrarium by adding your air plant. I like to make a little hole and snuggle the bottom of the terrarium. I also tend to put my air plant towards the hole if I am using a plastic terrarium. 

4. Add any other decorative pieces you want to the jar or terrarium to fill it out more if you’d like


Remove the plant from the terrarium or jar and soak upside down in a bowl of water (or sink) for 30 minutes, once a week. Alternatively, you can use a mister and spray it once every 4 to 5 days.

Plants are beautiful and are great additions to a home. The only problem is, not all of us have a green thumb. It would be awesome if we could just buy a plant, and know that it wouldn’t die because we over watered it or under watered it in a week. I can’t count the number of plants I have tried so hard in my life to keep alive, only to not be so lucky. Although I have been working on my green thumb the last few months, sometimes I enjoy having something I know I won’t kill. 


Air plants give me the opportunity to have beautiful plants inside that help make my depression feel better while also removing harmful toxins from the air. If you’re living in small quarters, these beauties will look great! You can hang them from hooks in the ceiling or place them on a dresser, night-stand, or coffee table. The possibilities are endless. 

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