20 Baby Boy Halloween Costumes That Are Simply Adorable

There are so many wonderful stories you hear about having a baby, but one that is often overlooked is how you can to dress them up come October in whatever scary, cute, or silly Halloween costume you want. That’s right, you get to put their itty-bitty little feet into a footed onesie fox costume, or keep them bare in a non-footsie bat costume! There are a plethora of cute and adorable Halloween costumes for you to look into for your handsome little boy. Most of these costumes range in size from 0-3 months to 2t or 3t. The smaller the costume, the less work it should be for you and your baby. These baby and toddler boy Halloween costumes are also made of different fabrics in case your baby has any allergies to different materials.

Halloween is traditionally known for trick-or-treating and eating loads of yummy candy. However, even those that are too young to trick or treat can be pushed in a stroller while you trick or treat, or still get dressed up to enjoy the holiday while others come by in search of scrumptious candy to fill their pillowcases, bags, or pumpkin buckets! These cute costumes will make for wonderful photographs that you and your family will be able to look back on for years ­­to come – even if your little one gets restless in it after an hour.

When looking for the best baby and toddler boy Halloween costumes , keep in mind that you can either make one or purchase one. Check out these hand-picked costumes that we found were the cutest available on Amazon. Be sure to check out the reviews as well to see how your little sweet boy may look in them before making a purchase!

I am personally buying the Stitch or Skeleton baby and toddler boy Halloween costumes for the most handsome little boy in my life this year! That way he can have his choice whether he’s in a cute or scary mood this year.

Infant Skeleton Romper Costume

Infant Mickey Mouse Jumpsuit

Infant Sesame Street

Toddler Scarecrow Costume

Panda Flannel Hooded Romper

Baby Bat Onesie Romper

Stitch Onesie Hooded Cartoon

Baby Deer Romper

Duck Flannel Hooded Romper

Leopard Flannel Hooded Romper

Toddler Woody Costume

Toddler Infant Elmo Onesie

Baby Monkey

Toddler Pumpkin Costume

Toddler Teddy Bear Costume

Infant Monster Inc Costume

Toddler Robin Costume

Tiger Flannel Hooded Romper

Fox Flannel Hooded Romper

Infant Christmas Costume

Infant Cow Romper

Elephant Onesie

I hope you found some of these costumes as adorable as I did for the cute baby boy in your life! Be sure to click the picture or the “more info” button to get the prices for these baby and toddler boy Halloween costumes.

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