10 DIY Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

When you’re decorating your kitchen, DIY kitchen farmhouse decor is a great idea if you’re handy and on a budget. There are tons of DIY projects that can add the farmhouse look and feel to your kitchen while enhancing your personal style. Within this list of DIY kitchen farmhouse decor ideas, you will find some that are super easy and just require a few items and a couple that are more extensive.

DIY Kitchen Farmhouse Decor Ideas to Enhance Your Space

I spent quite a while combining this list of farmhouse decor to include DIY projects that I think you will love to see! Most of these are very inexpensive ways that you can implement farmhouse decor into your kitchen for that added hint of country charm.

The farmhouse look is simple yet bold. It brings the feel of love and family into every room. Most materials that are used for DIY kitchen farmhouse decor are easy to get, or already available on hand. Most of these won’t take long to make and don’t require a lot of materials to make them. I have already saved 7 of them myself to start making next week for my kitchen! Leave a comment and let me know which ones you’re going to try!

☑️ Here is a one stop shop for most of the items needed for my favorite tutorial here, the heart shaped mug rack.

1. Pallet Coffee Cup Holder

Check out this awesome DIY here

2. Heart Shaped Mug Rack with Oversized Hooks

Checkout this sweet DIY coffee stand here

3. Hand Lettered Fresh Produce Sign

Fresh produce anyone? Make this crafty DIY sign for your kitchen wall here

4. Farmhouse Kitchen Canisters

Make these cute and stylish mason jars here

5. Ladder Light

Hanging lights anyone? Check out this DIY here

6. Stencil Words on Your Kitchen Wall

Decorate Your Wall with Words here

7. Chalkboard Labels on Glass Canisters

Make These Beautiful Chalkboard Labels for your Glass Canisters here

8. Mug Stand with Plumbing Pipe

Turn Pipe Into A Mug Stand here

9. Standing Chalkboard Door Project

Plan Dinner With This Fancy Menu Chalkboard Planner here

10. Barn Door Style End Decoration for Cabinets

Make These Stylish End Decoration for Cabinets here

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